The Best Wheelbarrows In Canada – Reviews And Buyers Guide

Ames Tools True Temper Contractor Steel Wheelbarrow
The Jackson 6-cubic-foot wheelbarrow is a 2-wheel contractor’s wheelbarrow featuring full-size hardwood handles for maximum leverage and a fully supported steel tray for additional strength. Other highlighted features include a pneumatic two-ply ball bearing wheel for easy rolling and durability, and a durable, rust-resistant blue powder coat.

When completing yard work, a wheelbarrow is an essential piece of equipment. It helps you to carry heavy or cumbersome loads without the risk of dropping items or overloading your body. Whether you’re cutting back the hedge, clearing leaves, or completing a small construction project, a wheelbarrow is the perfect assistant.

With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know how to find the best wheelbarrow. Fortunately, we’ve put together a useful buyer’s guide, as well as our top ten choices for 2021. Keep reading to learn more!

Here is a list of The Best Wheelbarrows




  • Weight: 31.9 lbs
  • Capacity: ​600 lbs
  • Warranty: ​1 years
  • Weight: 48.9 lbs
  • Capacity: ​300 lbs
  • Warranty: ​3 years
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Capacity: ​300 lbs
  • Warranty: ​—
  • Weight: 29 lbs
  • Capacity: ​300 lbs
  • Warranty: ​—-
  • Weight: 10 lbs
  • Capacity: ​15 gal
  • Warranty: ​—-
  • Weight: 6.17 lbs
  • Capacity: ​25 gal
  • Warranty: ​—-

The Definitive Buyer’s Guide to the Best Wheelbarrow

It may seem like a simple choice, but there are actually myriad options when selecting the perfect wheelbarrow. We’ll help you to navigate the process of making an informed decision, based on the following variables:

What To Look For In A Wheelbarrow


What will you be using the wheelbarrow for? If you have simple tasks involving relatively lightweight items to carry, you can go for a small and straightforward wheelbarrow. Conversely, if you require one for commercial purposes, or a complex home task, something more heavy-duty is appropriate. It’s also important to consider the terrain you will be working in. The more challenging the terrain, the wider range of appropriate features you will need.

Load Tray Material

Most wheelbarrow trays or buckets are constructed from either metal or plastic. Folding wheelbarrows will have a fabric construction, and older products may be predominantly wood. Metal is sturdy enough to carry larger loads, but it is also inherently heavier. Plastic, conversely, is easy to move and navigate, but its maximum load is reduced. The key is to strike a balance between the amount of strength you need from your wheelbarrow and the amount of weight you can lift. Don’t overcommit and make the wheelbarrow unusable. If you are considering a metal tray or tub, check whether the material is rust-resistant, whether organically or as a result of sealant treatment.

Cargo Volume

This measurement tells you how much space there is in your wheelbarrow. It’s important to think about, because insufficient cargo volume will necessitate more trips back and forth to the work site! Again, strike a balance between having sufficient volume allowance and being able to actually use the wheelbarrow.

Too much potential cargo volume, and you will be tempted to overfill, which can make it challenging to actually move the wheelbarrow. Too little, and you won’t be getting the most out of your apparatus.

The majority of wheelbarrows have a cargo volume of 10 cubic feet, but you can buy smaller wheelbarrows for infrequent, light use, as well as larger alternatives for commercial and heavy-duty purposes.

Weight Limit

As important as it is to ensure you have the right cargo volume, the same is also true of selecting the correct weight limit. It’s no good having plenty of space in your wheelbarrow if you can’t actually use it due to weight restriction.

Metal is the sturdier material which usually comes with a more generous weight limit. Of course, at full capacity this can make it challenging to move.

A plastic wheelbarrow tub is lighter and easier to work with, but the weight limit will be significantly reduced. If you are moving foliage and garden waste, this is not usually a problem, but for home construction tasks, a plastic tub may not be robust enough to carry the materials you need to the site.

Wheels and tyres

Wheelbarrows are generally available with one to four tyres. One-wheeled barrows are the traditional type, which are easiest to navigate around sharp turns, whilst two or more tyres help to increase stability, particularly in challenging terrain. A four-tyre wheelbarrow can also be used as a garden cart, which is easy to drag behind the user. Pneumatic tyres are now the standard; they are similar to those found on cars and roll smoothly across most surfaces. Budget wheelbarrows may use plastic tyres, which are certainly cheaper, but are prone to degrade or break quickly. Ball bearings within tyres will dictate the load they can carry, as well as how smooth and fast a wheelbarrow can be operated; high-quality ball bearings are best.


A good set of handles will make the difference between a wheelbarrow that is safe and comfortable to use and one that is always a burden! It’s worthwhile, therefore, to invest in the best handles and grips you can afford. The majority of wheelbarrows have two long wooden handles that make navigation and dumping easy, whilst some have just one handle that can be attached to machinery. Grips should be made of robust material that offers excellent traction; rubber is the best material for this purpose, but plastic can also be very useful.


When the wheelbarrow is not in motion, it is placed down on the rests, which are generally at the back of the wheelbarrow, nearest the handles. Rests are not usually fitted to four-wheel barrows or carts, but are attached to equipment that balances on one or two wheels. It’s important to ensure that the build quality of the rests is sufficient to handle its intended purposes; look for heavy-duty metal rests that are reinforced against buckling or warping. The weight limit of the wheelbarrow will tell you about the quality of the rests, as products should be rigorously tested to ensure they can carry the amount claimed by the manufacturer.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s explore the top wheelbarrows on the market today!

The 8 Best Wheelbarrows 2021: reviews

Our Rating:

Summary: A rugged garden cart with impressive unloading technology and high weight capacity. A metal tub may have been a more robust option, but it’s still a great choice for complex garden and construction tasks.

About the product:

With four tyres and a useful unloading mechanism, this cart offers more than a standard wheelbarrow. The tub is made from strong and lightweight plastic, which is set upon a durable steel frame.

Four pneumatic tyres make navigation smooth across all terrains, while the padded single handle is comfortable and allows safe operation.

This cart can manage a total weight of 600lbs, which makes it perfect for heavy-duty tasks. The real star of the show is the cart’s patented quick-release dump technology, allowing quick and straightforward loading and unloading.continue to charge your snow thrower efficiently.

Our Rating:

Summary: A rugged specimen that can handle a wide range of garden and home tasks. A fantastic all-rounder!

About the product:

This wheelbarrow is strong and stable, with a solid metal construction. It has a maximum capacity of 300lbs, and the oversized flat-free tyres never require inflating, which makes it perfect for handling heavy loads over difficult terrain.

The beauty of this wheelbarrow is its versatility; it converts quickly and easily into an extended dolly, flower pot mover, trailer move, bag holder, or cylinder carrier. It can manage an array of garden or home tasks, making it a great choice for people searching for a multi-function carrying assistant

Our Rating:

Summary: An excellent wheelbarrow for users undertaking light tasks. It’s sufficiently rugged with wide pneumatic tyres, and although the tub is plastic, it doesn’t deter from the overall effectiveness of this barrow.

About the product:

If you have small garden tasks that do not require a large and bulky wheelbarrow, this may be the perfect choice. Weighing just 29 lbs, with large pneumatic tyres and a wide padded handle, it’s certainly easy to move around.

The plastic tub has a volume of 5 cubic feet, and can handle a maximum load of 300 lbs. It’s also incredibly easy to put together, with just a wrench and flathead screwdriver. The handle can also be used to hang the wheelbarrow when not in use, making it easy to store.

Our Rating:

Summary: A rugged and nimble wheelbarrow that is also lightweight enough to be used by a wide range of people.

About the product:

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), this cart is relatively lightweight at just 47 lbs, but can easily manage a load of up to 300 lbs.

It features 5-spoke 20” wheels, which help to make the wheelbarrow sturdy both in movement and whilst being loaded or unloaded. The handles have been specially-designed for ergonomic use.

The steel axel is durable enough to handle frequent use, and large HDPE rests ensure stability. Its seamless design allows for easy and thorough cleaning.

Our Rating:

Summary: A sturdy and durable wheelbarrow in the traditional contractor style. Solid steel construction means this is one of the most durable on offer, although the lack of handle grips is a disappointment.

About the product:

A contractor wheelbarrow in the traditional style, with metal and wood construction. The tray is made from durable heavy-gauge seamless steel, with powder coating to prevent corrosion and rust. The frame is also made from steel, with a H brace for added stability. A single 16” tube tyre makes navigation easy, even in tight spaces.

The handles are made from varnished wood, although there are no rubber or plastic grips included.

Our Rating:

Summary: A small and sturdy cart for light tasks. Perfect for older gardeners who need a little extra help with moving tools, plants, and dirt.

About the product:

A super lightweight and easy-to-use lawn cart that is perfect for the lightest tasks that require just a little extra help. Weighing just 11 lbs, this cart is made from a mix of durable resin for the tub, a telescopic metal handle, and two 7” plastic wheels with a metal axels.

It can easily manage light garden tasks, such as dirt removal, movement of plants, and transport of tools, and is extremely useful for older gardeners.

Our Rating:

Summary: The perfect wheelbarrow for kids who love to help out! Encourage their interest in yard work with this scaled-down cart. Rubber handle grips are a stark omission, but this a great choice otherwise.

About the product:

Our final selection is a little left field, but it’s the perfect choice if you have a little helper who is always keen to join you in the garden! This wheelbarrow is scaled down for children, and comes in an attractive bright red hue.

It’s not just about looks, however. The construction is surprisingly solid, with a seamless steel tray (to keep little fingers safe), steel frame and rests, and real wood handles.

The single molded wheel makes the wheelbarrow easy to roll and move around tight corners, which is particularly useful to new gardeners unfamiliar with using their own barrow.

Now that you know what to look for, we hope you find the perfect wheelbarrow for your needs! Choose something from our list, or use it as a guide to find a worthy alternative. Good luck!


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