How To Take Care Of Your Lawn

When it comes to caring for your lawn, there are many techniques that contribute to a green, lush, healthy lawn. Whether you’re an expert or a new homeowner, knowing the steps to take care of your lawn is integral to creating outdoor areas you actually want to spend time in. Problems can arise when caring for your lawns, but with these techniques, you can have the dense, lavish outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. Your yard is a sanctuary and should be maintained as such.

Lawn maintenance isn’t as hard as you may think and we want to provide you with some solid lawn care tips and basics to help you get your lawns looking their best this upcoming spring season.

Lawn Care Basics

It’s no secret that one of the main components of maintaining your lawn is actually paying attention to the grass. Knowing lawn care basics is an important aspect of landscaping and homeownership. The basics include how often to water your lawn, when to aerate and basics on seeds and fertilizer. Here are a few important things to look for when checking what your lawn needs.


Water your lawn about once a week, if needed. Obviously, if you’re living in an area where rainfall is abundant, you can take it easy on this one. Your lawn doesn’t need much water but still needs enough to produce a soft space where footwear is optional. Water is your friend when it comes to any type of lawn care. Your lawn needs water, just like you do!

When you water your lawn, you’re providing nutrients to the lawn. Water needs to soak in to promote grass growth and health. Saturate your lawn with a solid layer of water a couple of centimetres deep. Be mindful to not over-water your lawn. By giving your lawn the water it needs, you’re creating healthier soil for the grasses to thrive in and you’re promoting healthier growth. This also results in that perfect, bright green turf-like lawn you’ve always wanted.

Seeds And Fertilizer

Grass seed is a powerful resource when it comes to creating a healthy lawn. These often under-estimated assets are crucial for anyone looking to create an even yard and promote growth in places that may be lacking grass. By seeding your grass, you’re creating a more even meadow-like space for people to enjoy. Soil and grass benefit from the use of fertilizer. Fertilizers that contain nitrogen promote growth and give the grass a bright green colour. You can also purchase a fertilizer that has insecticides and pesticides to address any problems coming from ants or any other ground-dwelling insects. However, grass clippings also make a fantastic natural fertilizer.


Do you remember all those times as a teenager when you were woken up by your neighbour mowing his lawn? Well, that neighbour was probably just performing basic lawn maintenance and wanted to trim his lawn when weather conditions permitted.

Depending on your grass type, you should be trimming your lawn to promote healthy grass roots and general root growth in addition to ridding your lawn of any weeds that may be sprouting up. Your mower needs to be equipped with sharp mower blades and you need to be aware of the grass height you’re trimming down to. Longer grass is healthier grass, believe it or not!

Basic Lawn Maintenance Information

Now that you know lawn care basics, it’s important to go over the basics of maintenance and troubleshooting. Lawns can be finicky no matter the season and it’s important that you do your best to prevent weeds, solve problems and determine what you need to do in order to see results. Different products and services can help you achieve your best lawn, but these are some lawn care tips you can do on your own to try to promote the growth of a healthy lawn.


Aeration is the process of creating holes in your lawn to help with soil compaction. Holes in your lawn leaves space for air to circulate and for grass seed to get into the soil. This also makes it easier for your grasses to consume the water you’re giving them and can be done in the fall season to promote a healthy lawn in spring. Aeration sometimes can make a lawn look messy when it first completed, but after a long winter, your yard will feel the difference that strong aeration can provide!


Raking isn’t just for picking up leaves in the fall. Raking actually helps areas by promoting nutrients and removing thatch from your lawn. Removing thatch can help the overall appearance of your lawns. Raking can also help aerate the soil in your garden and conditions your grass to be more durable by stimulating the roots. Raking your lawn also helps remove any weed seeds that might be hanging around threatening the health of your grasses.

Mulch & Compost

Instead of raking leaves in the fall, you can run them over with your mower to mulch them up for more natural fertilizer. Using compost also gives your lawn everything it may need in terms of vitamins and nutrients. Using compost is one of many ways you can change your lawns and allow for more types of plants to grow. Using compost products in your garden also can help the soil throughout the summer season.

Golden Lawn Care Tips

These basic lawn care tips can help you build stronger roots, richer soil gets rid of weeds and can strengthen your grass blade structure. Before reaching for a miracle product to help with your problems consider these three golden lawn care tips:

Consult a Landscaping Company

If you need more information on what product may be best for you to use, or if you can’t figure out how to deal with pesky insects, or if weeds keep popping up no matter how many times you use lawn care basics, your best bet is to consult a professional. Lawn care companies can help assist you with a variety of problems relating to your lawn.
The best thing you can do is consult with a professional to learn more information about steps you can take. Contact your local landscapers to learn about their services and prices and start saving your lawn. Professionals are there to deal with the problems you don’t want to deal with. Let them take the lead and see real results in your front yard.


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