How a Landscaping Contractor Can Help You with Your Lawn

Taking pride of place as the centerpiece of many gardens, the lawn is something we tend to take for granted. To ensure that a lawn is healthy, it usually requires more than just an occasional visit from the mower. A landscaping contractor can help you with your lawn care, by offering the following services:

Garden clearance

Sometimes, moving into a new property involves clearing litter and clutter left by the previous occupants. This endeavor may extend to the garden. A landscaping contractor can assist with, or take the lead on, a garden clearance project, which gives you the opportunity to discover a blank canvas onto which your new outside space can be designed.

Lawn restoration

If a garden has become unruly, you may need help to bring it back to former glory. Weeds and other unsuitable flora can begin growing within the grass on your lawn, and even lead to patches where it stops growing. A landscaping contractor will be able to clear the lawn of any undesirable plants, giving your lawn the chance to flourish.

Garden design

When undertaking a garden re-design project, it is a great idea to enlist the help of a landscaper. They will be able to understand your preferences and requirements, and help you to build a design that is feasible and cost-effective.


If your lawn is in an especially unhealthy state, it may be sensible to start from the ground up – quite literally! A landscaping contractor can remove the existing grass, treat and prepare the soil, then lay new, healthy turf. This brings an immediate improvement to the appearance and aesthetic of your garden.


Take the hassle out of regular maintenance, such as mowing and edge trimming, by utilizing the expertise of a contractor. They will have the best equipment and most efficient techniques to keep your lawn in great condition.

Seasonal treatment

There are specific treatments that can be applied during early spring, early and late summer, and during the approach to autumn and winter, which are designed to enhance the health and appearance of your lawn. A landscaper will be able to advise you on the most appropriate treatments for your unique lawn.

Disease management

There are a multitude of diseases that can affect a lawn, which may include:

  • Red Thread
  • Fusarium
  • Dollar Spot
  • Snow Mold
  • Leaf Spot
  • Summer Patch

Pests may also prevent a threat, either by their own action or the diseases they carry. It can be extremely difficult to know to remedy such issues if you do not have relevant experience. A landscaping contractor will be able to use their expertise to take care of all aspects of disease management.

Advice and guidance

Maintaining a perfect lawn can take a lot of trial and error. A landscaper has the knowledge to help you figure things out more efficiently. Many contractors are happy to simply advise a client, and if you are unsure about what might make your lawn healthier, it’s always a good idea to ask.


Colin Thomas MacMillan

Colin Thomas MacMillan, CEO of Riverwood Landscape, boasts over 8 years of expertise in landscaping and 3 years in transportation and logistics. A prominent figure, he serves as a board member for the Waterloo Chapter of Landscape Ontario and has been a vital part of the community for five years. Recognized for his insights, Colin has contributed to major industry events, including LeadsCON 2023. His entrepreneurial journey in landscaping began post-high school, driven by a lifelong aspiration and self-taught skills. Outside work, Colin's interests span history and video games, and he's dedicated three years to learning German, reflecting his commitment to personal growth. His professional ethos emphasizes a resilient, people-first approach, advocating for mastering current tasks and prioritizing quality in business and client relations. An avid reader of industry articles and an active networker, Colin's dynamic approach to professional development cements his status as a leader and an inspiration in landscaping and logistics.

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