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Riverwood Landscape is proud to provide sod installation services to customers in the Milton area.

Enjoy A Lush Green Lawn With New Sod

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn with full, healthy green grass. But, sometimes, life has other plans. Drought, insect infestation, drainage problems, lawn age, and more can make your lawn look worse for wear. If you do not have time to keep up with maintenance—or you’ve tried repeatedly to save your lawn and have failed—it is time to consider new sod installation.
Sod is a fast and effective way to get the thick, green lawn you deserve. Sod will replace the old patchy grass with strips of thick sod. It will essentially give you a brand new lawn to enjoy!
Contact us today to inquire about sodding your lawn. We can provide you with an estimated cost for the job and any additional information.
  • Mowing
  • General property maintenance
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Spring and fall cleanup
  • Interlocking stone installation
  • Sodding installation
  • Snow removal
  • Landscape design and construction
  • Weed control
  • Garden maintenance
  • Retaining walls
  • French drain installation
  • Debris removal
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Our professional landscapers have years of experience completing landscaping projects for homeowners and business owners in southern Ontario. Our experience has allowed our team to hone our landscaping skills, making us better at what we do!
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We are dedicated to bringing each and every one of our client's visions to life. Our design team will create a landscaping design before we commence work. We will ensure that the design matches your wants, needs, and budget while also being feasible.
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We are committed to helping make your lawn beautiful, no matter the square foot, location or property type. Both commercial and residential clients can enjoy having a stunning lawn free from weeds with our services.
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At Riverwood Landscape, we provide service all year round. From snow removal to landscaping, our team has the equipment and skill to do it all. You can rely on us for complete lawn care service for your Milton property.
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Do you have a landscaping project in mind? Call our company today! We are happy to provide a free estimate for your next project.
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Professional Sodding Installation In Milton

It is time to get the green lawn that you want and deserve. Choose our professional sodding installation.
Sodding your Milton property will boost the curb appeal of your property and make your grounds more inviting; this is perfect for businesses and property owners looking to transform their properties into a welcoming oasis.
Here is the step by step process we follow to install sod:

1. Our team members remove the old grass to reveal the soil. The ground needs to be bare for sod installation.

2. We rake the soil and water it to prepare it for the new sod. We fill any holes in the ground to ensure the sod will be level. Grading can also be done at this step to level your entire yard.

3. We align the first roll of sod with a hardscape feature of your yard to ensure that it is straight. This could be a garden bed or patio for a residential backyard or a community sidewalk for a commercial property. Then we unroll the sod.

4. Our team adds another roll of sod, unrolling it next to the first piece. We continue this as we go, ensuring there are no gaps between the pieces.

5. When needed, we trim the sod to make sure the edges are even. We also trim the sod to make sure it will fit the area, working around any landscaping features.

6. Next, we roll your newly-laid lawn with a lawn roller. The lawn roller helps level the lawn and eliminate any air pockets between the sod and the soil.

7. Finally, we water the sod to help nourish it and encourage growth.

After sodding, you need to maintain a consistent watering routine to ensure that your grass thrives. Our company is happy to maintain your sod with our lawn maintenance services. You can trust that your new turf will remain thick, vibrant, and healthy with our dependable lawn care service.
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Our company strives to turn every Oakville landscape into an outdoor oasis. That’s why our skilled landscape designers offer a wide array of lawn care services for commercial and residential property owners alike. From trimming trees and mowing green grass to stone interlock installation, our team can complete any lawn care project you desire quickly and efficiently without surrendering our quality of work. Oakville residents and property owners can trust that we will give their lawn life again with our quality lawn care and landscape design service. Call us today! Our design and lawn care team looks forward to working with you and your family to improve and maintain the exterior of your Oakville, Ontario home.

The Best Customer Service

While our job is to take care of our client’s lawns, that goes hand in hand with quality work that satisfies expectations. If our clients are not happy, we cannot confidently say that the lawn care was effective. That is why we strive to provide efficient, effective service driven by our clients’ needs and wants. By prioritizing customer satisfaction and needs, we consistently go above and beyond to ensure our clients receive only the best service from the initial point of contact to on-site lawn care services.
Our dedication to our clients has helped our company develop a trusted reputation; we often receive customer appreciation and recommendations, displaying the quality of our lawn care services.

Specialty Landscaping Services In Milton, Ontario

Sod installation goes hand in hand with many other landscaping services, including lawn mowing, fertilizing, etc. Learn about the other landscaping services our professionals provide below. Complete landscaping service for your property only a call away.
Lawn Care Services
  • Snow Removal
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Weed Control
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Spring Cleanup
  • Leaf Removal
  • Trimming/Pruning
  • Grub Management
  • Other Yard Work
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Landscaping Projects
  • Gardens Design and Installation
  • Property Grading
  • French Drain Construction
  • Lawn Aeration
  • Turf Installation
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Garden & Grass Fertilizing


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Reliable Landscaping Services In Milton

Life can get busy, and you may not have time to keep up with a lawn care routine. You can trust our company to maintain your Milton lawn for you with reliable lawn care service. We will figure out a date and time to meet at your property based on our schedule. Then, our staff will arrive at your property on time to perform maintenance. We will do the job right on the first try.

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Riverwood Landscape’s team of landscapers is skilled in a variety of lawn care services, including sod installation. We work hard to deliver quality work to residential and commercial clients in a timely manner and for a fair price.


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