Spring Yard Clean-Up Checklist

How to prepare your outdoor spaces for the upcoming summer season.

The grass is starting to grow, flowers are starting to bloom, the birds are chirping, and even dandelions are starting to make an appearance. That’s right, it’s signs of early spring! Winter is finally over, the sun is shining and there’s a smell of fresh dirt in the air.

With spring just around the corner, here is how you can prepare your lawn.

For many people, spring is a beautiful season full of new growth and vibrant colours. It’s time to start thinking about yard cleanup, prepping your flower beds, and tackling the state of your yard after a long Canadian winter.

Here is advice from our professional landscaping contractors on important to-do’s to add to your spring yard clean-up checklist this year.

1. Remove Dead Branches & Debris

The first thing to do is remove any dead fallen leaves, twigs, dead plants and any other unwanted debris. Having things like dead branches on the ground can discourage any new growth from occurring and cause damage to your sod.

You don’t have to get super detailed with picking things up as some debris can turn into compost or mulch and actually make your lawn healthier in the long run!

Mulch can be a great addition to your garden as it holds many benefits.

2. Prune Shrubs & Perennials

Cleaning up the trees and shrubs around your home in the spring can make your space so much neater. It might take a bit of work to properly prune and shape your plants and perennials, but it takes time away from having to cut your plants again in the middle of summer.

You can get away with a regular trim as it will only contribute to more healthy growth in your bushes and perennials. Cut back any overgrowth and take the time to prune perennials to about 3 inches. This leaves enough space for them to grow properly and look great.

With proper care, perennials can last for years. Aside from pruning in spring, they’re relatively low-maintenance so they’re a good choice for planting throughout your gardens.

3. Using Compost

When it comes to lawn care, compost is one of the best tools to ensure your lawn and garden thrive after a long winter. Although mulch is made from compost materials, soil and plants can benefit from dead leaves or composted food materials. Compost can also help grass seed penetrate the soil better.

Compost can help your flowers, vegetables, and grass seed thrive all year long.

Dethatching is a process that is done by using a rake to break up dead leaves which then add healthy nutrients that the soil needs to thrive. Keep fallen leaves on your grass throughout winter, as they’ll break up and you can use them to prepare your lawn for summer, but make sure they don’t suffocate your grass.

4. Taking Care Of Garden Beds

Taking care of garden beds is a crucial part of your early spring lawn care routine. Remove any old dead branches and plants to make room for new ones. Rake the soil in your garden beds to get the dirt moving and ready for the upcoming season.

When you start cleaning, using a rake is vital because it helps remove old debris and it gets things ready for new growth. Taking the time to get garden beds ready for summer in the spring is an easy way to make future planting more efficient. This means you can get more garden work done in the long run!

5. Getting The Pavement & Fencing Ready

Once you’ve worked your magic on your soil, perennials, garden, mulch and other shrubs, the cleanup surrounding your decor in your spring yard can start. Re-painting things like fences and wood patios that may have endured wear and tear over the winter months can really help spruce up your garden area or backyard.

Wondering what your spring clean-up checklist should include? Add painting your fence to the list!

Power washing paved areas in the early spring can help elevate your outdoor space by getting rid of unwanted dirt and debris and, therefore, help to accentuate special shrubs and plants that you’ve taken the time to prune. One of the best tools to have is a paintbrush, a fresh can of paint, and a pressure washer.

Spring Yard Cleaning Musts: Out With The Old, In With The New

Pruning, raking leaves from the fall season, and planting new flowers are tasks that some homeowners dread, but taking the time to cut back hedges and remove dead plants can make it easier to keep your yard in pristine condition. Start small. Cut back any overgrown branches and mow the grass. Then, add in steps you might need, like using a rake to dethatch or planting extra flowers to add some colour to your home’s exterior.

However, if you aren’t into the idea of working through a checklist, consider saving time and call Riverwood Landscape for all your spring cleaning needs. We provide lawn care services all year long and use the best equipment to prune, clean and cut back any dead wood from trees or plants.

Riverwood Landscape Is Here For You

If you really don’t want to get down and dirty with your lawn, our professionals are willing to do it for you. Get in touch with our team at Riverwood Landscape to help you get your outdoor spaces prepared for the upcoming warm weather. We provide lawn maintenance to clients in and around Guelph, Ontario and pride ourselves on our ability to be a trusted name for clients looking to transform or revitalize their outdoor areas. We specialize in spring and fall clean up services and use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently so all you have to do is enjoy your landscape.

Get in touch with our experts who strive to do their best to keep your outdoor space looking and feeling its absolute best.

Riverwood Landscape specializes in spring and fall clean up in Guelph and surrounding areas.

Enjoying Your Yard Year-Round

Many people think that your lawn is only for warmer days, but that is simply not true. You can enjoy your lawn anytime. Yes, even in Canada! By tending to growth and debris in the fall, you’re setting yourself up to have a fun winter of playing in the snow.

These tips set you up for an easy-maintenance season ahead. You can even use these tips to get your outdoor space prepared for fall, too. Simply remove any debris, prune your perennials and bushes to where you want them to be, and relax knowing that half of your hard work will be finished.


Colin Thomas MacMillan

Colin Thomas MacMillan, CEO of Riverwood Landscape, boasts over 8 years of expertise in landscaping and 3 years in transportation and logistics. A prominent figure, he serves as a board member for the Waterloo Chapter of Landscape Ontario and has been a vital part of the community for five years. Recognized for his insights, Colin has contributed to major industry events, including LeadsCON 2023. His entrepreneurial journey in landscaping began post-high school, driven by a lifelong aspiration and self-taught skills. Outside work, Colin's interests span history and video games, and he's dedicated three years to learning German, reflecting his commitment to personal growth. His professional ethos emphasizes a resilient, people-first approach, advocating for mastering current tasks and prioritizing quality in business and client relations. An avid reader of industry articles and an active networker, Colin's dynamic approach to professional development cements his status as a leader and an inspiration in landscaping and logistics.

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