The Importance Of Professional Sod Installation For A Healthy Lawn

Does your lawn appear to need some major TLC? After trying everything you can think of to help give your lawn a boost, you might be frustrated about the lack of progress. After all, everyone loves the look of a nice, lush green lawn.

Sometimes all a lawn requires is a new beginning. The solution is resodding your yard. To get the work done correctly, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional sod installation company. Hiring a professional to install sod for you can save you a lot of grief in the long run.

Read on to learn more about the many advantages of hiring a professional sod installation company, as well as general information on sod installation and maintenance.

Properly Laid Sod Lasts Longer

Sod that is professionally installed is less likely to have problems arise from poor installation. Sod installation professionals can accurately measure the needs of the bare soil and your lawn and properly install sod so that it grows strongly and healthily. This means that your lawn stays greener longer and requires less maintenance in the long run. Trying to do it yourself can have the opposite effect.

A Sod Installation Company Will Save Time

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While installing sod on the ground may seem simple, there are more steps involved in resodding a lawn than one might think. Other factors include removing the old grass, getting rid of invasive weeds and roots, and laying the new sod down in such a way as to avoid covering or harming your sprinkler system. Additionally, the lawn’s specific size and form must be taken into account.

Sod Maintenance Is Easier

Not only is a freshly sodded lawn aesthetically pleasing, but it is also simple to keep. Leveling the lawn is an important step in a professional sod installation procedure. Rough patches of weeds or dips in the grass will negatively affect the sod installation.

Choosing sod over grass seed also saves time on watering the yard after installation. You take away the concern that seeds won’t germinate or seed will only grow grass in specific places.

Not all sod is created equal. You should buy from sod farms if you want to get the best new sod that is healthy and weed-free. The new sod will be cut just before arrival. Why? If left out for too long, sod has a limited storage life and the grass seed may not be able to establish itself. Poor-quality sod might be juvenile and fall apart while being installed. And if it hasn’t been kept up properly, it might have weeds or worse.

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Professionals Have Knowledge and Advice

Professional sod installation companies are experienced in the installation and maintenance of sod. Without this knowledge, you might make mistakes while installing sod or maintaining your sod, and end up costing yourself extra money in the long run due to soil erosion or other problems.

Sod Can Save You Money

Ultimately, hiring an expert to install your sod can help you save both time and money. Although it can be physically taxing work, a qualified professional sod installer can complete it swiftly and effectively without putting your back at risk. The cost of hiring an expert to install your sod is one-time only. If you install sod yourself improperly and it needs to be redone, the cost may be higher.

Professionals Provide Other Services To Help Maintain Your Sod

Professional sod fitters are knowledgeable about even the most minute aspects of planting and caring for your sod. Sod installers have the know-how to maintain a healthy new lawn, including making sure your water flow is adequate and correctly directed and using chemicals in the right quantities and at the right times. This will distinguish between a lawn that stays green and one that quickly loses its lustre.

Improperly Installed Sod Can Be a Hassle

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When sod is installed incorrectly, it may develop weed growth, become patchy, or even be completely rejected. By employing professional sod installers, you could have avoided wasting money and time in the first laying process. They possess all the skills and information required to properly prepare your soil, lay the sod, and fit the sod to the size and contour of your green lawn.

Commercial Sod Installation Can Be Difficult

If you are inexperienced with installing sod or working with sod, it is a good idea to go for professional sod installation services if you want to get the best results. Installing sod yourself is a lot of work, especially considering the fact that you may not have the knowledge and experience necessary to do it properly.


Colin Thomas MacMillan

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