Top 5 Snow Removal Tools

Let’s face it; removing snow from your driveway, walkway, deck, or roof is not a fun task. It’s cold, it requires hard labour… all you want to do is cozy up in front of the fire, wrap yourself up in a blanket and drink hot chocolate! If you stock up on these top 5 snow removal tools, you’ll have the snow cleared in no time so you can get back to your cozy fire and hot chocolate.
This 26-inch snow shovel isn’t your typical shovel. Made by The Ames Companies, Inc., this ergonomic product acts as both a shovel and a snow pusher and is equipped with a wide handle so both of your hands can fit comfortably. There are multiple grips so you can move your hands down and lift properly to save your back and a footstep to maximize that leverage! It’s also reversible, so turn it over and use it for scraping tight areas like steps. It’s lightweight (5.6 lbs) and works great even in the most extreme conditions with its easy-grip handle, and scrapes right down to the pavement, no matter if it’s light snow falling, or wet, heavy snow. Once winter is over, it can easily be stored until you’re ready to use it next year!
Avalanche! has been making quality snow removals for your roof for over 20 years now, so they know what it takes to master a design that works comfortably and safely. This product can reach higher areas like roof peaks and high ledges easily and remove up to one ton of snow a minute. The attached plastic slide allows the snow to follow a safe path to the ground as the patented cutter frames push through any amounts of snow. It’s super lightweight to reduce back strain and the built-in wheels help in pulling the snow off your roof without damaging it or leaving scratches. The Avalanche! roof snow removal system doesn’t just remove snow, but it also helps remove any ice that builds up that can damage your home and be downright dangerous for anyone walking by.

​Do you ever feel defeated before you even start shovelling? Where are you going to put all that snow? How deep is it!? Snow Joe products can tackle medium-sized driveways after a heavy snowfall. In fact, it can move up to 550 lbs of snow per minute by throwing it through the chute deflector that can complete a 180ᐤ turn to control the height of snow piling up on either side of your driveway/walkway.
Don’t worry about running out of gas or oil either. This powerful electric Snow Joe plugs in and won’t die on you mid-cleanup!

Are you looking for a handy snow pusher that will help you push snow and scrape ice? That’s why Garant made this multi-winter tool kit! A 24-inch poly blade snow pusher and 4-inch steel blade made from forged and tempered steel will clear pathways or driveways of snow and ice in a jiffy. Elderly customers will especially appreciate the size and lightweight aspect that reduces back strain as they clear snow or ice from their driveway, porch, or deck.

​You’re probably wondering what good a small collapsible shovel is that only reaches 32 inches and comes in three pieces. But this convenient aluminum collapsible shovel can be used to shovel out a car, SUV, snowmobile, or maybe even just clean off your front porch/steps. It’s lightweight (weighing just over one pound), and comes in three pieces for easier storage solutions. In case of an emergency, or whether you go camping and your tires get stuck, you’ll probably end up wondering why it took you so long to buy one of these shovels in the first place! It can even be used for digging in dirt, sand, and mud once the snow melts.

The winter may come with the most wonderful time of the year (Merry Christmas!), but it also comes with hard labour and potentially dangerous situations, like straining your back as you’re shovelling or having ice build up on your roof. With these helpful snow removal tools, you won’t have to worry about straining your back anymore and working away at removing snow for long periods of time. These products are great for any customer, young adults or the elderly, as they’re all lightweight and easy-to-use!


Colin Thomas MacMillan

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