Top-Rated Log Splitters

1. Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

three potted plants with green leaves in them.



​2. Greenworks G-Max 40V 2 AH Lithium-Ion Cordless Leaf Blower

3. Anaconda Slide-Hammer Manual Log Splitter

4. Powerhouse XM-380 Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

5. WEN 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter with Stand

6. Logosol Smart-Splitter

7. Timber Tuff Lumber Cutting Guide

8. Champion Power Equipment Gas Powered Log Splitter

9. EasyGoProducts Firewood Log Splitter

10. Sun Joe Logger Joe 10-Ton Manual Log Splitter

11. Popsport Milling Guide Bar for Builders & Woodworkers

12. King Canada 5-Ton Log Splitter


Colin Thomas MacMillan

Colin Thomas MacMillan, CEO of Riverwood Landscape, boasts over 8 years of expertise in landscaping and 3 years in transportation and logistics. A prominent figure, he serves as a board member for the Waterloo Chapter of Landscape Ontario and has been a vital part of the community for five years. Recognized for his insights, Colin has contributed to major industry events, including LeadsCON 2023. His entrepreneurial journey in landscaping began post-high school, driven by a lifelong aspiration and self-taught skills. Outside work, Colin's interests span history and video games, and he's dedicated three years to learning German, reflecting his commitment to personal growth. His professional ethos emphasizes a resilient, people-first approach, advocating for mastering current tasks and prioritizing quality in business and client relations. An avid reader of industry articles and an active networker, Colin's dynamic approach to professional development cements his status as a leader and an inspiration in landscaping and logistics.

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