10 Common Lawn Problems: Your Guide to Identifying and Fixing Every Lawn Issue

Every homeowner dreams of a lush, green lawn stretching out in front of their home, a testament to hours of meticulous lawn care. Yet, no lawn is immune to issues. Common lawn problems can mar your perfect green carpet, but armed with the right knowledge, these issues can be tackled head-on.

Introduction: What Makes a Lawn Healthy?

A healthy lawn starts with the grass. Understanding your grass type is crucial as it determines the kind of care your turf needs. The foundation of any lawn care regimen involves adequate water, proper mowing with a sharp mower, and timely fertilization. Regular aeration ensures the roots receive the essential nitrogen and other nutrients.

What are the Common Lawn Problems Every Homeowner Should Know?

Whether it’s the menace of grubs or the appearance of unsightly brown patches, our lawns are constantly challenged. Recognizing these concerns promptly can pave the way for timely intervention, preventing a total lawn setback.

A brown patch of grass on a lawn.

Why Does Grass Turn Brown? Understanding Lawn Discolouration

Brown patches are a common lawn problem caused by a mix of fungus and lawn disease. It’s essential to maintain the right soil pH for your grass type and ensure proper water drainage. Overwatering and using the wrong fertilizer can exacerbate the issue.

Grub Trouble: How to Identify and Tackle this Lawn Nemesis

Grubs, the larvae of beetles, feast on your lawn’s roots. Come early spring, patches of dead grass reveal their havoc. Applying insecticide during their peak activity can keep these pests in check.

An image of a grass plant in the dirt.

The Fight Against Crabgrass: Prevention and Treatment

Crabgrass, an unsightly weed, can quickly overtake a lawn. Regular mowing helps, but sometimes, a herbicide is needed. Remember to fertilize your turf adequately; a well-fed lawn can ward off these lawn weeds more effectively.

Dandelions and Other Lawn Weeds: Friend or Foe?

While some adore the sight of dandelions, many consider them a weed. Herbicides can tackle dandelions, but ensuring your lawn is thick and healthy reduces their chances. Compacted soil is a haven for weeds, so regular aeration is a must.

Fungus Among Us: Identifying and Managing Lawn Diseases

Moist environments are a haven for fungi. Avoid overwatering to keep these unwelcome guests at bay. Regular aeration not only combats soil compaction but also lets your grassroots breathe, reducing the risk of fungal infestations.

The Dilemma of Thin Grass: Causes and Solutions

Thin grass often stems from over-mowing or using a dull mower blade. Ensuring sharp mower blades and adhering to the ideal mowing height for your specific grass variety can effectively combat and prevent this issue.

A close up of a pile of dirt with grass growing in it.

Compacted Soil: How Does It Damage Your Lawn and How Can You Fix It?

Compacted soil acts like a tight grip, stifling the breath of grassroots. Periodic aeration, ideally undertaken once or twice annually, allows the roots to breathe freely, absorbing essential air and nutrients seamlessly.

Moles and Other Critters: Protecting Your Lawn from Underground Attackers

Moles, while cute, can be a lawn’s nightmare. They tunnel through the lawn, feasting on grubs and earthworms, leaving trails of upheaved earth. Traps or repellents can be used, but getting rid of their food source, like grubs, can be a natural solution.

Reviving Lawn Patches: Best Practices in Lawn Care

To restore barren lawn patches, start by carefully fertilizing the affected areas. Pair this with balanced watering, ensuring hydration without over-saturation. If damage is widespread, consider reseeding. Remember, moderation is key: too much water or fertilizer can do more harm than good.


Taking care of a lawn is a labour of love. Like any labour, it comes with its challenges. For help with maintaining your lawn, Riverwood Landscape is here to help. With a keen eye for spotting common lawn problems early and a toolkit of solutions, we can ensure your patch of green remains the envy of the neighborhood.


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