French Drain Installation Guelph

Drain water from your property the right way. Riverwood Landscape will install a stunning french drain in your property to stop water from pooling on your lawn or flooding your basement. The slight grading and hidden PVC pipe will work to move away from your home quickly and effectively. All the while, the stone or sod-covered exterior will blend naturally with your landscape. Don't wait for water damage - call Riverwood Landscape today to learn about how we can install a french drain on your property!

Waterloo & Kitchener French Drain Services

French drains are stunning landscape features that can protect your property from water damage. A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock that contains a perforated pipe which redirects surface water and groundwater away from your property. Riverwood Landscape's team of skilled landscaping professionals specializes in french drain installation in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Our finely-tuned process of installation will ensure that your yard and home are protected from the damaging effects of stormwater. Call us today to receive a free estimate for your new french drain!

Are You Experiencing Drainage Issues On Your Property?

Have you noticed that there is water in your basement after it rains? Is there water pooling on your lawn during the rainy season? These are signs of a severe drainage issue that could lead to damage to your home and property. If water pools on the ground around your home for a long period of time without being drained, it could lead to issues like flooding in your basement. Homes that admit water through their foundation could also be overwhelmed by an abundance of water.

After a heavy rainstorm, they could allow extra stormwater to seep through the foundation and flood the basement floor or worse - the water could cause a foundation crack. A french drain will help carry water away from your home to protect your home from leaks, water damage, and flooding. Riverwood Landscape's landscaping services offer french drain installation to homeowners in the Kitchener-Waterloo region. Our team of professional contractors can visit your property to remove surface water, dig, and install a french drain. Request a free, no-obligation quote today for your drainage project!

Exterior Drain Solutions For Your Damp Basement

Sometimes a sump pump will not solve all of your drainage issues. If you have no other drainage solutions to fall back on when your power is out, your basement could be quickly flooded with stormwater. By installing infiltration galleries like a french drain, you can quickly move water away from your basement and property during a particularly heavy rainstorm. A contractor from Riverwood Landscape will avidly work to protect your home and natural areas with our french drain installation services.

The Advantages of French Drains:

Don't wait to trust the natural grading of your property to drain water from your property. A french drain is a reliable, affordable option to solve your drainage issue.

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Send us a message or call us today to speak with a skilled contractor about our drain and waterproofing services. We are happy to provide you with any information and a quote for your project.

Experienced Landscape Contractors

Riverwood Landscape's team of contractors has undergone the necessary training to ensure that your home is protected from water damage. We offer landscape grading, installation of infiltration galleries like french drains, sump pump installations, and more! Since our company was first established in 2017, we have made our customers' happiness our top priority. We work with each of our clients to ensure that their wants, needs, and budgets are met in every project we take on. This has made us one of the leading landscape companies in customer service and satisfaction in the KW region. Call us today to speak to one of our staff members and receive a free estimate for your landscaping project.

Installing One On Your Property

While a french drain may look and sound elegant, the reality is that it is a functional solution for pooling water in your yard and around your home's foundation. Our highly-trained staff of landscaping professionals can create a beautiful and functional solution to your drainage issues with a carefully installed drain. We will guide you through the steps of how we install a new drainage system for our customers.

Dig A Trench

The first step in creating a new drainage system is by evaluating the landscape features in the area. This includes checking for service lines under your lawn and plotting the drain around them - We don't want to damage any service lines and cause further issues with your home! After we have checked the service area and plotted the site for the waterways, we begin digging our trench through your yard. Changes in grading (otherwise known as slope) are important to ensure that water runs away from the site. The soil in the trench will have gradual grading to make sure that water will run away from the area. The slope of your new drainage system is very slight (generally 1 inch of soil per 8 feet) and will blend in with the natural grading of your Kitchener property. The new drain will be at least 12 inches wide and 18 to 24 inches deep to ensure that it can carry plenty of stormwater away from your home.

Filling The Trench

After the trench has been dug in the ground, we lay a few inches of crushed stone or gravel along the bottom. A layer of landscaping fabric or coarse sand is then laid over the gravel to discourage weeds from growing up through your soil and into your drainage system.

Piping Your Drain

The next step is to lay piping in the drainage trench. Riverwood Landscape will either use rigid PVC with predrilled holes or flexible drain pipe cut with slits, depending on your review and request. From our experience, the PVC lasts longer and requires little repairs. It is also easy to clear any soil or roots from, making it the best option for drainage systems. Large gravel is then laid over the drain to make it aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you have stones in the landscape around your home, we can order similar ones to ensure that there is cohesion between the different areas of your front yard or backyard landscape. There is also the option to cover the drain with sod so it blends in with the rest of your lawn.

Installing a french drain beside fence in Guelph backyard

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Riverwood Landscape provides a variety of year-round landscaping services to the Kitchener-Waterloo region. We pride ourselves on our dedication to helping every property owner in need. Our company specializes in yard and garden maintenance to help keep the exterior of your home looking beautiful. But, long after the summer is over, we are still helping home and business owners maintain their site. We offer fall cleanup and snow removal services to help relieve the burden of property management. Our 24/7 snow removal service is a popular option for those who are tired of shovelling. Our combination of lawn care and property maintenance services has got you covered for whatever mother nature has on the menu. Call us today to learn how we can work together to keep your property looking great. You can receive a free, no-obligation quote for any of our services.

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