The Importance of Trimming Your Trees

If you leave your trees alone, they can get out of control. This can do more than just create an unsightly mess. It can also cause your tree to get diseased or to encounter damage.

Either effect can ruin your yard. It doesn’t take much for your trees to become an eyesore. With a little trimming, you can prevent your trees from getting out of control. Learn about the top ways to trim the trees in your lawn.

Top Ways to Trim the Trees in Your Lawn

When it comes to your yard, you probably have high expectations. You expect perfection from your lawn and your trees. Fortunately, keeping your yard looking great isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. Our tips can help you. Here are a few ways you can trim the trees in your lawn.

Trim them during the right time of year

As you trim your tree, you need to do so with caution. There are only certain branches you should trim. For example, you should only trim branches that have damage or abnormal growth.

You should also look for branches that grow near the middle of the tree or ones that rub against other branches.

Mark the branches you plan on cutting

Before you start trimming, you should do some prep work. This means choosing the branches you want to trim and marking them. You can use ribbons or flags to mark them.

Choosing the Right Tools

There are several different tools you can use and ways you can trim the trees in your lawn. Here are a few options:

Use Pruning Shears

Low hanging branches that are small in diameter are easy to cut with pruning shears. As you cut, stay close to the branch collar. Be sure to cut at a 45 degree angle to the branch. If you can’t reach a branch, you can switch to long-handed pruning shears.

You can also use pruning shears to cut the suckers on your tree. The suckers can take much-needed nutrients away from the rest of your tree. As you cut them, stick close to the base of the branch.

Use a Hand Saw

In some cases, a hand saw is the best tool. A saw works well for branches that are bigger than about one inch in diameter. The three-cut method is a particularly effective way to cut branches.

Use a Pole Saw

When your tree has high and thick branches, you need a pole saw. Avoid snapping the branches as you cut them. Instead of snapping them, use the saw gently. Let the teeth of the saw cut into the branches.

While using the pole saw, you can also use the three-cut method. You should also try to angle the saw at 45 degrees.

Safety Tips When Trimming Your Tree

One of the major concerns of DIY tree trimming is the risk of injury. There are several ways in which you can experience an injury during the trimming process. Follow these safety tips to prevent injury:

Avoid using a ladder

Although you might be tempted to use a ladder to reach high branches, this can be a dangerous mistake. Even if someone is holding your ladder, you could fall. Rather than take an unnecessary risk, you should use a pole saw. You can still get the job done, and you don’t need to overcome your fear of heights.

Don’t overexert yourself

The process of tree trimming can be an exhausting one. If you have multiple trees or thick branches, you should be cautious not to wear yourself out. Take frequent breaks and drink enough water.

As you become more fatigued, you put yourself at a greater risk of injury. It’s easy to make mistakes when your muscles are burning and you’re not thinking clearly. If you avoid fatigue, you can avoid injury.

Don’t use a pole saw near power lines

Often, trees grow near power lines. Don’t be tempted to cut tree branches that hang near power lines. If you miss the branch and hit the power line, you risk electrocution. You should play it safe and resist the urge to cut those branches.

Use the appropriate safety gear

Yard work can be dangerous. As you trim your trees, keep yourself safe by wearing the appropriate safety gear. Goggles or safety glasses can protect your eyes from stray splinters and falling debris.

When you’re working with high branches, you should wear a helmet. There won’t be as much damage from falling branches. Finally, you should always wear proper footwear when you work in the yard.

Working with a Professional

The other common way to trim your trees is to work with a professional. A professional landscaper has the experience and knowledge it takes to trim your trees.

During the tree trimming process, there are many potential mistakes you can make. One misstep could destroy your tree. At the very least, it could ruin your tree’s appearance. If you want to ensure the health and appearance of your tree, you should consult with a professional.

In addition to saving you from making potential mistakes, working with a professional can save you time. You don’t need to spend your valuable time working on your trees. Instead, spend your free time doing something you enjoy.

If you’re interested in getting professional help, contact us at CF Landscaping. Our seasoned experts can help you maintain your trees and your yard.


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